Fun in Jakarta

What are the most popular sex destinations in the world ? Thailand, of course. Brazil, you would say. Maybe Cuba, the Philippines and Cambodia come to your mind. But what about a lot lesser known destination like Indonesia and especially the main capital Jakarta ? This is a place that has yet not been discovered by the common sextourists. Jakarta is still something like a secret ! Most guys are stuck on the beaten path between Bangkok, Pattaya, Phnom Penh and Angeles City and forget that Asia has a lot more to offer. Why should one go to Pattaya for the 100th time when you can have a fresh and exciting new destination. JAKARTA SEX GUIDE gives you some basic information about the nightlife in the capital of Indonesia and an idea what to expect there. In fact, I went to Jakarta last month and was pleasantly surprised. Unlike Bangkok you don`t see too many foreigners walking the streets and even in the brothels, most customers were Asians. The whole bar scene is a little more hidden and not as open like in Thailand or the Philippines but it was still quite obvious and a lot of fun. A great site to see how good Indonesian girls are in bed is INDO COEDS. They have some great looking girl and they brought me into the right mood to give Jakarta a chance. All I can say is, I really enjoyed my trip to Jakarta and there will be a second one for sure. Have fun !

Indo girl

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